Monday, December 31, 2007

Post-Holidays Lazy Weekend

Ok, so my posting's been abysmal for the second half of December. In my defense, it was a very busy time both at work and at home - but I don't need to tell you that, as it likely was for you as well! I did jot down each day's outfit(s) on a notepad, and I'll post them soon, but as the list grew ever lengthier, I decided to jump ahead to current day posting to get back on track. We had a rather lazy weekend at home after the holiday rounds, with lots of time at the dog park, Pacific Ocean Market (a brilliant Asian market in nearby Longmont - every week for the past month, I have been buying huge bags of fuyu persimmons, one of my favorite fruits - they taste like cinnamon - on sale for 69 cents a pound! At Whole Foods they are $1.99 each!), and desultory wardrobe organizing, with divestment via EBay as a goal. I suspect the winnowing will proceed apace when my younger sister comes to visit. To wit, outfits for being comfy and warm while romping in the snow with dogs:
  • Saturday:
  • Dark blue Mossimo for Target skinny jeans, purchased fall 06, snugly tucked into
  • Tall, golden tan lug-soled Uggs (shut up), traction further enhanced by Dry Guy over-the-shoe orange stretchy rubber things with metal crampons on the bottom - seriously, as ass-saver in snow and ice;
  • Ruched olive Target t-shirt peeping out below the hem of
  • American Apparel indigo, tri-blend, raglan long-sleeve shirt, which is, as its reviews say, short waisted, but so am I - yet even I need a longer T or cami under it. It recently came out in dark green, which I would like to get but in a medium for the extra length;
  • Banana Republic petites (alas, only available online or in a handful of stores, but one of the best petite lines out there it you don't want to resort to Petite un-Sophisticate for sleeves you don't have to roll, pants you don't have to hem, and jackets that fall as they should, with narrower shoulders and higher waist curve) chunky camel wool sweater, with slightly belled sleeves and massive cowl neck, yet slim through body and hitting at high hip (yay, petites!), completely covering the above-mentioned layers.

  • Sunday:
  • Grey Mossimo for Target skinny jeans, purchased fall 06, snugly tucked into the Uggs-with-orange-rubber-add-on (obviously, I like these jeans since I bought both available colors - the style was only stocked for one season, but they are the best fitting skinnies I've encountered for under $150 - way under!);
  • Dark red, long sleeve, cotton T with cross-over v-neck by Royal Robbins from REI a few years ago;
  • Pale blue, chunky knit cardigan with oversized, asymmetrical two-way zip and foldover convertible turtle neck, a gift two Christmases ago from my husband's grandmother, from a random catalog she had called something of London - She also got me a thinner , dressier knit plum wool cardigan with zip front and ribbed waist, both of which I've worn to death - they had lovely, slightly quirky basics, but even if I could remember the name, the dollar-to-pound conversion has made them far too pricey for further sweater perusal.
  • To both of these similar ensembles, I added
  • Soft mustard yellow quilted nylon vest from REI, which I bought last winter after a long search for the perfect down vest (if you don't acquire one within two winters of moving to Boulder, your citizenship is put on probationary status), which luckily coincided with the winter sales;
  • Tangerine orange cashmere scarf, a Christmas gift from my mother-in-law purchased on her recent trip to Italy (she went with a a recently re-discovered grade-school friend and had a blast), toastily but non-bulkily twisted around my turtlenecks;
  • Floppy, cream colored hat alternating stripes of knit wool and fluffy angora, that, snood-like, fits over my long hair perpetually twisted into a chignon, and covers my ears to boot, from the original GlamaRuth;
  • Multi-colored, striped, stretchy cotton arm warmers by Cronert, sadly for you no longer available from (a friend at my old job would beg them off me every time I wore them last winter, so she received a pair for her birthday just before they were discontinued - although I think they still have them in solid black).

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