Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Snowy-day outfits

These all center around Uggs. I don't care if they are no longer considered fashionable. I never wore mine with bare legs and minis anyway. Mine are tall, lug soled Uggs (rather than the normal, relatively thin crepe sole) because I got them to wear in actual snow on actual cold days, and so I do. Winter came late to Colorado this year - not that I'm complaining, mind you. Last winter's Hoth-like conditions made me feel I'd been sold a bill of goods by husband and friends regarding our supposedly mild winters, with a few snow storms interspersed with days that would crack 60F in February. I accessorize my Uggs with crampons - bright orange rubber thingies with metal nubs on the bottom that stretch over your shoes or boots for traction - and they have saved me on numerous occasions while walking to work over ice-sheet streets. People stop me all the time to ask about them - I think they actually helped get me my new job, my interviewer was so fascinated by them (I interviewed last Feb, in between days when Boulder was completely shut down - not kidding - the city and county governments were actually closed due to road conditions). Anyway, our first snow this year was on Saturday. I wore pajamas, adding my boots and a down jacket only to go play snowballs in the back yard with my dog. That would have been my outfit for Sunday as well, except I had a birthday dinner to go to. Luckily, it was a last-minute, casual affair, because the most I could muster was skinny navy trousers (Erin Fetherston for Target) and a pumpkin orange hoodie. With lovely apple green wool socks to pad around in, as I left my Uggs at the door. We were somewhat melted by Monday morning, so I made a bit more effort for work: Monday, Dec. 10, 2007
  • 60's grey and tan wool herringbone a-line jumper from Regal Vintage. It has a shirt collar and a placket that buttons down about halfway. It has cap-sleeve/epaulet/winged bits over the shoulders, and a somewhat mini hemline.
  • Underneath, one of the original GlamaRuth's sweaters, this one a dark brown, thin wool Pendelton crew neck from the 40's.
  • Chartreuse EG Smith tights from http://www.sockdreams.com/.
  • Russet Fluevog Rubini boots.
  • Acid green resin and gold metal ring from Forever 21.
  • Necklace of a drilled fossilized shell hung from 40's gold-colored jewelry chain and bronze leather, that I made this summer.
Tuesday, Dec. 11
  • Polka-dotted red t-shirt from Target last summer, not really visible under;
  • 60's marigold mohair cardigan from stellar Ebay seller Richtig, last winter. It has a ribbed portrait collar, a smooth knit bodice, and flares out from the waist to a sort of skater-skirt bottom, also ribbed, or rather knit in stripes of contrasting stitches. It hits upper-thigh. The buttons are carved, square yellow plastic.
  • Inky dark trouser-cut denim jeans with a tabbed waist and stitched down crease down the center-front leg, by Trina Turk, purchased on sale last fall at Knit Wit, and finally hemmed thanks to my mother-in-law. I'm 5'2" on a really good-posture day, and rarely meet a pair of pants that aren't miles too long.
  • Uggs to and from work, but changed into Clark's heeled, tan, elf-toed sling back clogs for the office.

Wednesday, Dec. 12

  • Pristine Prada pants purchased this fall form Buffalo Exchange, recently hemmed courtesy of mother-in-law. They are menswear styled with a tap waist and side seam pockets, but widen from slim hips to a very full hem. The color is what caught my eye on the thrift racks - they are an orange-y ochre, dark gold, maple-leaves-turning color cotton twill.
  • Plum stretch cotton American Apparel camisole, under;
  • Charcoal grey thin crewneck merino sweater by Donnybrook, original GalmaRuth's from the 50's
  • Long necklace (I believe originally meant as a wasp-waisted belt) by Trifari from the 40's, purchased this fall at Decades Vintage in Salt Lake City. It is comprised of oversized, double-linked burgundy plastic curb chain, fastened with one split link in gold (I wear the it asymmetrically with the gold link falling on the right side)
  • Enameled brass bracelet made by my Great Aunt Selma
  • Carved, translucent purple plastic ring purchased two summers ago at a seasonal weekly craft fair held in Boston's South End
  • Uggs to and from work, but changed into Clark's heeled, tan, elf-toed sling back clogs for the office.

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